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After my performance at the tv-show Genaaid, I got a million question about how to be more sustainable. From where to shop to how I am being more sustainable and how to inspire you with my knowledge and experience. In other words: what is sustainability exactly and how can I make a change? That is exactly what you will read in these series and the reason why we started it. To share the right info and help you to make more conscious decisions.

Because the word that goes hand in hand with sustainability, is conscious. In your life, you have to make more conscious and well thought decisions. That is the first – and probably the easiest step to be more sustainable as well. We live in a culture where we buy more than we need. For example, the last 15 years we bought 60% more clothing. Not that we needed more, because a year still has 365 days and 4 seasons. No, just because we wanted it.

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But the question is: do we still want it?

2019 is going to be the year of a change, we are sure about that. Because when you know that clothing is the second most polluting industry on earth, after oil, do you still want to buy all the stuff you don’t need? Exactly. We made already made a change of mindset in the food industry, now it is time to change in a fashion point of view.

So the first question you have to ask yourself is ‘Do I really need it?’ When the answer is no, you better leave it. Go through your home and closet and find happiness in the things you still have again. There are always things you have forgotten about, so try to give when a new life by wearing it again or maybe sell it. Giving clothing a second life or chance is also sustainable, something we often forget.

A more fun way to do the above is to go this with friends. Go to each others wardrobe to see what you both have and make looks for each other. This is not only fun, but also super inspirational because someone else can have a total different view on your ‘old’ clothing that you. Don’t forget about swopping things as well, because how fun is it if you can have fun out of each other clothing?

sustainable, tips, sustainability

So the main question in this post is ‘what do I still have that I can wear again?’ and ‘what are sustainable ways to fill the gabs with good basics?’. So swopping of second hand shopping is one of them, but of course there are many beautiful brands who are sustainable as well. This list will come, we promise, but we want to guide you step by step, so it’s easy to implement sustainability in your life. So your mission for now: be more conscious of what you have and when you go shopping for new. Good luck!

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