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Having  Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) can almost be described as a clinical disease. This, of course, is an exaggeration, but sadly a lot of people feel the compulsive need to be included. And in turn feel miserable when they’re not invited to a party or miss the latest scoop.

Do you think you suffer of this very real and very serious disease? We’re kidding. You won’t die from it, but why does it feels like you would, if you miss useful, yet unnecessary information? Let’s see if we can answer this question.

So, what is FOMO exactly?

We might sound a bit sceptical about FOMO, but it’s definetly real. In this age of information, the fear of missing out can lead to anxiety. It’s nothing to worry about, because again, you won’t die from it, but can leave you feeling lonely, excluded and a little bit depressed.

Why is it so important to compulsively check Instagram, Facebook and other social media? We don’t really gain anything by it, right? But, that’s the thing. We might not gain anything valueble, but every post, every entry, every letter of every word leaves us with a little bit more information. We’ve gotten so used to constantly check each others lives, that it’s weird if we don’t know about our friends every moves.

Psychology Today adds to this opinion that: “FOMO is the disease of our time. It’s an obsession to find happiness. Be it in the happiness of others or self-confirmation using social media.

FOMO no mo’

Fighting FOMO can be really difficult. Eventhough it sneaked into our way of live, it’s here to stay. It’s pretty likely that you feel the need to keep checking your phone, just to check Insta or Facebook, but don’t. Tackling this is the first step to healing.

Go offline for a month

The ones suffering from FOMO the most, are usually the ones who want to be the next new trendsetters. So use this to your advantage. Become the influencer that disappears for a month encourage your followers to do the same.

Use timers

Do you have an iPhone? Great! The latest update came with two great FOMO-fighting apps. One is Screentime. This widget shows you how many times you’ve opened your phone, and also how many hours you’ve spent on an app.

Also use the Timer to limit yourself. The screen goes put’s your phone on hold after a certain amount of hours. You can unlock your phone again, but we highly recommend to put it away and do something more productive with your time.

Meet up with friends

Instead of following them on social media, actually meet up with friends. Make a pile of cellphones and agree that no one grabs his or her phone from the pile until the day is done. Whoever does so, pays the bill!

What is more important?

Make a list of things you find more important. What do you gain from knowing what you’re friends are doing. By the end of the day, you’ll find that you only check your phone because you’re too curious about the lives of others. It’s far more important to list and process all the things you are meaningful to you.

The most important thing is not worrying so much about what others are doing and others think about you. Shutting off your phone entirely can help a great deal. It’s a training in mental discipline. Your reward? You feel less anxious and have more time to spend on things that actually matter.

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