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It might sound weird at first; a blue light that removes pimples within 30 sec. We had the chance to try it and believe it or not, this really is a solution to get rit of those annoying pimples faster than Mother Nature does! We tried the FOREO ESPADA for serval months on serval pimples and most of the time, after using it two/three times, the pimple has totally gone away. No more stress if you have an upcoming event and a big pimple on your forehead, or destroy your skin while frustratingly pinching yourself – yes, we have all been there.

Before we do a review, we always test the products first to see what it does and if it really makes the promises true. Especially with products like these, with high expectations, we want to be sure it’s worth every penny. Now we can tell you that FOREO finally found a solution to help your skin a little extra when it comes to imperfections.

Floortjeloves, skincare, foreo, foreo espada, pimple


Acne can be caused by many influences. Diet, hormones, stress, medicines and so on. We all know how hard it can be to keep up the confidence when suffering from acne and want to try out anything possible to get rit of it. The blue LED light in the FOREO ESPADA is used by many dermatologist around the world, so nothing new that this helps for a better skin condition. This is just your own little dermatologist at home.

*A little side note; if you really suffer from acne, the FOREO ESPADA is not the only solution. It can help, but you might need more. Change in diet and skincare can do a lot, but make sure to visit a doctor or dermatologist if you really suffer from acne to find the right solution that fits your skintype.

Floortjeloves, skincare, foreo, foreo espada, pimple

Floortjeloves, skincare, foreo, foreo espada, pimple

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