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Happy Monday! Before we start with the Paris Fashion Week recap later on this week, I have to share a new beauty post with you first. You might remember this little thing from a few posts back (if you missed it you can check it here), but today I wanted to take it to another level and share my honest opinion after some months of using it. You might feel lost in the world of facial cleaning devices, especially since these little tools are making a huge comeback this year. Lately, our life is all about being healthy while we running around all day long. It is hard sometimes, tell me about it. We don’t have our sliced avocado with us for lunch and we can’t go to bed before 10pm cause there is still so much to do. And all this stress together reflects on our skin..

If you would ask me a thing of my daily routine I can’t live without, it would be my skincare without a doubt. As a kid, my mom always told me to take good care of my skin. She gave me some little masks to play with and I still remember the first pot of cream I bought when I worked at Douglas. Last year my skin changed a bit. I don’t know what happened, but I started to get some sort of spots and I lost my natural glow. It made me more insecure than ever. As I was, and still am, not the type that would wear foundation, I tried everything else to make my skin look better. From eating fish and drink water non stop, to trying out every possible scrub there is. Eventually, it was something hormonally (jup, even when you’re 20 and almost grown up..), so after almost a year of troubles I finally went to a doctor and dermatologist afterwards.

I got some intensive creams which made my skin super dry first, but made disappear all the little spots I had later on. But this was not the only thing that helped me to get my skin back in condition. Every two times a day, in the morning and at night, I use the FOREO Luna Mini to activate my skin and to do a deep cleaning session. In the morning I usually only use water, but before I go to bed I add some cleansing foam to take off my make-up as well. Due the vibrations it gives, it cleans, activate and massages your skin all at the same time, just for 1 minute. Not that we girls think about anti-aging already, but our skin will be thankful after 20 more years. Besides the fact that my skin feels 10 times softer now I use FOREO for some time, I also got my glow back. It finally looks healthy again that I even get compliments from people around me. For me, even with the busy life I live at the moment, it would be something I will always take with me. Because of its small shape (you can get a bigger one if you woud like) I take it with me during traveling, like here in Paris where we shot these images, but also when I have a little sleepparty at a friend’s place.

The best thing has to come; I partnered up with FOREO to give you guys a 10% extra discount at the checkout on their website + free shipping when you use the code FLOORTJE. It would be a great way to try it out yourself and believe me, your skin wouldn’t regret it ;-). It is valid until the 24th of October, so make sure to check out their website!















Thanks to Hotel Holiday Inn Gare de l’Est for the great stay

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