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A new year also means new sportswear to freshen up your wardrobe! As you may have read in my Stronger Sportswear post, you know how new sportswear can motivate you to keep on working out. In this post we created a list of 25 of our favorite sportswear items to have fresh sportswear for your next workout!

Starting with clothes, because no-one is working out naked, right? Leggings are the best way to work out because they feel like a second skin so you can follow every move you make. See that muscles grow in a nice sport bra such as this P.E Nation one or keep it all for yourself and wear a shirt or tanktop.


1. P.E Nation Sport Bra
2. Nike Sport Bra
3. Olympia Activewear Sport Bra
4. P.E Nation Sport Leggings
5. Nike Sport Legging
6. Olympia Activewear Sport Leggings
7. Under Armour Sport Shirt
8. Nike Sport Shirt
9. Adidas Performance Sport Shirt
10. Under Amour Sport Leggings
11. Nike Sport Leggings
12. Adidas Performance Sport Leggings

Something else you should invest in are good shoes. These are probably the most important when it comes to working out. I personally like the Nike Pegasus. I have them myself as well and are the best ones so far.


13. Reebok Sport Shoes
14. Nike Running Shoes Blue
15. Nike Running Shoes Pink
16. Salomon Running Shoes
17. Nike Running Shoes Black
18. Adidas by Stella McCartney Sport Shoes

Last but not least you need the right gear to go to the gym. Stay warm with a fleece sweater and carry on all your goods in a fancy sports bag.


19. Balenciaga Travel Bag
20. Nike Sport Bag
21. Nike Sport Socks
22. Nike Performance Sweater
23. MIZU Water Bottle
24. Even&Odd Fleece Sweater
25. Nike Long Sleeve

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