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January 11, 2019.Floortje.0 Likes.0 Comments

I just can’t help myself, but this must be my favorite pair of shoes EVER! And the best thing? I got them second hand for 1/3 of the original price. They are brand new and in the way I got them sustainable, because I give them a new life and the love they deserve.

The shoes I am talking about are the Prada heels from last year’s collection. I was blaming myself ever since that I didn’t got my hands on these amazing yet hysterical creatures (just like my everyday mood). Still sad as I was, I didn’t stopped searching for my dream shoes. There they were, right before Christmas, online in my size on Vestiaire Collective. You may have noticed by now that is it definitely my favorite online secondhand store to search for designer gems. You are 100% guaranteed the product you receive is original and you can even set up an alert to receive notifications for the item you are looking for. That’s what I did with my Prada’s as well and the reason I got them myself for Christmas.

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Besides that I absolutely fell in love with them after opening the box (I even wanted to show them in a display cabinet but that might be a little weird), I also loved the note they sent it with. It was saying that I if I will wear it for at least nine months (uhh, I think years, duhh), I will safe the carbon, water and waste footprint by 20 to 30%. So like I said, it was a sustainable choice too! 🙂

Shop the ones I found here:

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