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Say cheese! Because this Christmas, it is time for an extra white smile and get your teeth whitened. In collaboration with dental practice Wit I can offer you a beautiful white smile with €100 off the normal price. You might remember this video where I got my own teeth whitened and this year, my brother Rob was the lucky one.

Whitening your teeth is almost painless and gives you a white smile for at least 2 or even 3 years. But of course, if you take good care of it, you can enjoy it for much longer ;-). For me, having good teeth and a beautiful smile is really important. Especially because I wasn’t born with a perfect smile and it took me a lot of pain to get it fixed with braces. Now, after whitening my teeth 1,5 year ago, I feel much more confident so show my smile!

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So, Are You Ready?

If you are still in a doubt on what to give your loved ones, or want to treat yourself with a white smile in 2019, than this is your chance to get it with a discount of €100! Another way to make it more affordable for you, it that you can pay in three terms now. Perfect if you are not ready yet after this expensive month, but still want to take the chance. You can book with the discount on this page!

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