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Something’s been gnawing at me for a while now. I have been checking out some dating apps lately, and oh boy. Some of the profiles I encounter are rather ‘abstract’ and there is nothing wrong with that. However, ladies, you keep making these mistakes.

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, yes. I’m a guy and someone pointed me on the ‘mistakes’ I made on my profile. Like cocky pictures of me, leaning on a very expensive car during a launch party. The only thing you’re saying there is: “Look at me. No I mean, it’s not my car, but it’s me, so look.” That picture didn’t provide me with a lot of matches, obviously. But girls. There are some dating-app-rules you keep breaking.

The other dude

That must be her brother, right? I mean, it wouldn’t make sense to have her current boyfriend in her profile picture. Then again, why would her brother or ex be in that photo? Or is it her current lover and are they looking for a third?! I think you see what I’m getting at here.

The good boy

Honestly, I love dogs. I’m crazy about them and I really wanna be a dog owner myself. However, a profile picture that shows me more of that doggo than you, won’t sell me to like you. And don’t take my word for it, I know multiple guys who asked out said dog. And just the dog…

What do you want to tell me?

So, I’ve seen some girls who seem really nice. If you are using dating services like Bumble or Tinder, you can see what the other person does for a living. Most of these girls are either really smart or incredibly talented. That’s why I wonder why these girls post the most – and excuse my of vocabulary – slutty pictures of themselves. It’s a shame really. Because a guy, who’s looking for a nice girl, will probably move on and look further.

And I know, some people are jerks and it’s never okay to slut shame or be called out on your appearance. Just, know that you can do better. Because you can. The other ugly truth is that you attract the so-called fuckboys. I don’t think these guys need further explanation.

“My hobbies are…”

Some of us probably think that the ‘bio’ section truly means, tell me everything about you. A little secrecy never hurt anyone. It’s way more interesting to find out the other persons hobbies, whilst in a conversation. Try to avoid that people think your story is too long, and therefore stop reading it. Which is sad, because you are probably way more interesting than that anyway.

Take it seriously

The other side of the coin is that some appear to be not serious about dating at all. We all know why the most of us use Tinder, but don’t expect too much matches if you only have one picture and the standard bio text. Two pictures are more than enough and a little joke or fact about yourself will suffice. It only takes minutes to make upgrade from dummy account to girl us guys like to meet.

10 simple rules for dating me

Something you should never do is using your bio field als a rule book. We get it, you’re not big on sexual innuendo or bad opening jokes. Most guys are well aware, so don’t build up this barrier of rules before you even get the chance to talk to somebody. It’ll definitely attract the wrong kind of attraction and most guys will comment on them. Just not in a way you’d like to.

No, you talk first!

Something I often discuss with my friends is why we should be the ones to make the ‘first move’. It’s 2018, right? If you truly like someone, and you turn out to be a match, just say something. Don’t start complaining if he isn’t starting the conversation. He shouldn’t always be.

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