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For a long time it was a no go: lip gloss. The more matt the better, but for the upcoming year we will see a big shift. We go back to the 90’s and go for the glossy and shiny lips again. We are not sure where it started, maybe the music video release of Ariana Grande’s newest song ‘Thank U, Next’ where she has pink glossy lips, or just the desire for change and go back to the past. Either ways, the lip gloss trend is what you should invest in for the coming year – or at least this party season.

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Now we hear you thinking ‘No, not that sticky stuff again!’. We thought the same, but after learning and experiencing the newest glosses, we found out that most brands changed their formulas. They managed to create non-sticky, -messy and -tricky lipglosses that still shine like hell. So even though this might was your argument to go Matt for a long time, you can’t use it anymore.

Need one more reason to be convinced about the gloss trend? They will make your lips more kissable and bigger than any other lip product, so here you go!

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