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The summer is finally coming to Holland. They said the weather was going to he horrible these last days but nothing of it was true. We had some great weather without rain and we enjoyed the festival at the fullest. The fun thing was that I wrote a post about unexpected things last Saturday, while there happend something really unexpected too that evening. They called me again to work at the bar of the festival which was sooo much fun that night! I literally had the time of my life. While the live music was playing we gave every costumer (and there were a LOT) their drinks and sing along with the Dutch songs. Now I had this great experience I want more, so, next year I will be there again :).

But I am getting off from the article I actually want to write. Summer is finally here so that means experimenting with a perfect golden summer make-up! As some of you are maybe dealing with Monday problems I hope to cheer you up and inspire you with this post. No better medicine than some good beauty I should say so! For this look I was hundred procent inspired by the sun. I still had a beautiful eyeshadow palette from Guerlain which I never used before so I gave it a try together with some golden cream eyeshadow from Chanel, a pair of bright coral red lips and fresh yellow nails!

Besides I used my favorite Terracotta powder for a healthy tan. As you know, but I will say it again, this powder is my favorite because you will never look too orange, pink or too brown. Guerlain did a really smart job by using so many different shades in one pallet. It made it even easier to apply it because you just crap your big brush, dip it and touch your face everywhere with it. Done is your tan! I hope you liked this beauty post and that I gave you a little inspiration for your own summer make-up. If you have any requests for next Monday’s Make-Up Special than please comment your ideas.

Wish you a great week folks! XO














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