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Living a more conscious lifestyle might sound hard, but it is easier to implement in your daily routine than you think. After my participation in the TV show ‘GENAAID‘, I try hard to change all the things I can. Small or big. I have been a flexitarian for the last few months, which means I eat meat only twice a week (sometimes it’s less, sometimes a bit more), I minimized buying food and products wrapped in plastic, and of course, I try to create a green closet. This might be the hardest task, but I am getting there.

My mom always taught me to invest in items that last a lifetime. Because of her lessons, I have some items that are over a decade old. Some things even older when they were hers, or even my grandmother’s. Still, it is hard, because you get tempted to buy something new, and you don’t always have the money to invest in a big new thing. That is why I have a few tips for shopping green, vintage, or even rent your wardrobe. Let’s go!

1. Vintage

Let’s start with the best way of buying something new: buying it vintage. Vintage styles have been becoming more and more popular than ever. In 2020 it is more okay to go thrift shopping than fast-fashion shopping. I have to admit; I am not the best in vintage stores, yet. I find it hard to find things that fit my personal style in the sea of clothes, but I love to go online. Vestiaire Collective is by far my favorite for second-hand designer items, but of course, there are many more. Like De Ruil Hoek in Amsterdam is also a great option if you want a more selective store in buying second hand. The best way to find your green dress – aka groene jurkjes in Dutch – is to just Google and find an on- or offline store with a style that first your personal taste.

2. Sustainable brands

Lately, I am hooked on Arket and their masculine collection. Oversized blazers, pleated trousers, and raw organic denim; all key-items in every wardrobe. But of course, Arket is not the only brand that does a better job; there are plenty! The best place to find out about sustainable brands isn’t only Google, but ProjectCece. It is THE place to search for sustainable brands or products. I really like to use it when I am looking for a particular item or style so I can see what the greenest option is.

3. Dress Rental

Last but not least, a green dress can also be a rented dress. Why buy something new to wear it one time if you can rent it? It is the perfect option for when you have an event or party, and you know you will wear the dress only once. Next to that, it is also anaffordable way to wear a high-end or designer dress. Stores like Litchy offer a great range of dresses from brands like Ganni to Balmain. The perfect way to get all the attention to your next party!

What are your tips for a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle? Let me know in the comment!

floortjeloves, sustainability, sustainable, green dress, groene jurkjes, top vintage, sequins, sequin dress, party dress, vintage

floortjeloves, sustainability, sustainable, green dress, groene jurkjes, top vintage, sequins, sequin dress, party dress, vintage

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