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MAKE-UP MONDAY Hello folks! Let’s start this day of the week with a new beauty post as I promised to do it every Monday. I really start enjoying making these posts, looking forward to them to be honest. I have so many ideas I want to share with you like my secrets when it comes to skin – and hair care, my daily make-up routine but also some great new looks and products. For today it’s all about a product which I am currently obsessed with. It’s from Guerlain called Météorites Bubble Blush.

What this blush basically is. It’s more than just a cute compact blush to take with you everywhere you go. It’s a creme blush so not a powder where you need a brush for. Besides the great colors they have the smell of it is also fantastic. It feels like you put hundreds of roses on your cheeks. For this one I used the color Pink, this one was the best color on my skin and I think it’s just too cute for spring and summer. You can also choose for the color Cherry which is a darker pink. You can create a more heavy make-up look with this or if you have a darker skin this color will be better for you as well.

For me this is just the perfect blush on the go. In last beauty post you could see that I use the New Dior Blush for my cheeks but it’s not really easy to take that one with you. I always use a blush-brush so that are two big things in your bag, not a real success. This one is totally the same color as the one from Dior (maybe the reason why I fell in love with it) and it’s easy to take with you just in daily life or when you go on holiday. It is a pocket size where you don’t need any brush for.

So how to apply this beauty? Like you can see I just make a stripe with it on my cheeks directly. Don’t frighten of! You aren’t done yet. After you did this on both cheeks you can spread the color with the top of your fingers… Now the color will be spread on your cheeks and you’ll look lovely! The finishing touch is your lips because you can also use it therefor. It’s not a written rule but I did this and it looks really good. And hey, it’s smell like roses but it taste like them too! Yum! For your lips you can better use your fingertips direly because the bubble will stay more beautiful and clean.

Hope you liked this new Make-up Monday post and that I just made you as enthusiastic as I am about this new product! You can find the link HERE to see the product directly and maybe buy it. See you tomorrow with a new outfit! Kisses from here! xxx

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