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It’s easy to lose track of your weight in the holidays. Even we are telling you not to worry about it, because you shouldn’t. It’s better to enjoy the food and drinks now than obsess about a few extra pounds. However, it’s always a good idea to go to the gym prepared and with a clear goal in mind for 2019.

That’s right! Unless you have a very strict gym regiment, you can skip the daily workouts for now. Obviously we’re not telling you not to go, just don’t lose track of what’s really important, which is enjoying yourself.

Create a consistant gym schedule

First and foremost, hit the gym with a plan! Decide what part of yourself you want to train, then plan multiple sessions over the course of a week. For example: monday is international chestday. So you can either wait in line for an empty machine or you’re going to train something else like your back, butt and legs. Wednesday will be for chest and stomach. Lastly you train your biceps, triceps and shoulders on friday. Return once over the weekend for everyone’s favorite legday.

You can also hit the gym and just train what you want to. It’s not like it’s a bad idea, because you’re still working out, but working according a thought out fitness schedule will always be more efficient.

Know why fat isn’t the enemy

You might gain some pounds, which you are maybe going to dislike next January. Don’t stress. The fat you’ve gained can come of great use in the gym. Fat serves as an energy reserve. If your body doesn’t get enough carbs and proteins, it will start to turn fat into glucose, or sugar, which powers your body.

Use this to your benefit. When you work out, your turning your body into overdrive, so you are going to need this extra amount of fat to keep you powered up. Which brings me to the following.

Mind what you eat

I don’t mean that you should start a strict diet based on losing weight, au contraire my friend. You’ll have to take in more calories than you’re used to for your next training sessions. If you want to get (back) in shape, you’ll need to eat a bit more to prevent muscle deterioration. This way you’ll not only look good, but your muscles will also be functional.

A common misconception is that girls who want to lose weight usually start to eat less and hit the gym more often. This is a bad idea. Not only are you not giving your body enough sustenance to keep you energized, you’ll also deprive yourself from the fats that will later be turned into muscle.

It is a great idea to eat healthier though. Cutting back on sugary snacks and processed fats are the way to go. You can still go to a McDonalds every once in a while and the weekends are for you to do as you see fit. Just try to eat healthy meals during the week days and you should be fine.

You’re not losing weight at all

Wait, what? I’m not going to lose weight? Well in a certain way you aren’t. Look, a lot of people confuse getting into shape with losing weight, but here’s the kicker. Muscles are more dense than fat, which means that you might not have lost a lot of pounds, but you will have reduced a considerable amount of fat. Which, again, brings me back to my previous point.

After a few weeks, you’ll find yourself going to the gym more consistently. Working out on a regular basis will mean that might even gain some pounds, even though this will stop at a certain point. Just remember that even though you’re getting heavier, you are also becoming healthier.

Make sure it’s fun

Your main base of operations will always be a gym near you, but alternating between workouts with the same results or something more exrtavagant like a bootcamp in the woods will keep you more interested in maintaining your gym regiment. It’s supposed to be fun. You’ll probably give up if you are going to think of it as a chore.

Do you really hate working out in a gym? These are great ways to change up your regular work out schedule.

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