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When you watch successful people on TV or online, you probably can’t help but feel that they have always been that confident. Well, it isn’t true. The truth is – nobody was born with confidence; it’s something that has been built through many small habits that slowly help us change the image we have about ourselves. It can work for you, too – day by day, through introducing good habits into your life, you will build your confidence in time and learn how to be and stay positive even in hardships that life throws at you.

1. Write a diary

Psychologists frequently recommend writing down your thoughts and feelings into a diary. You can either write about your feelings and doubts, which can truly make you learn something about yourself over a longer period of time. Or you can dedicate the diary to gratitude – every day, note down the things you feel grateful for, no matter how small they may seem. It will help you become more aware of all the good things that happen to you on daily basis but you don’t usually notice them.

2. Set small, achievable goals

We all know how great that feeling is when we manage to achieve a goal that we have set for ourselves. It’s a great way to build our self-esteem. In order for that feeling to be more frequent, the solution is to set smaller goals which can be achieved in a short period of time. They should also be realistic – you are in for a disappointment if you try to achieve something out of your reach. Build your confidence through small, but meaningful goals.

3. Use affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful way to motivate ourselves. Start every day with an affirmation. Remind yourself of your strengths and encourage yourself to be the best version of you. When said out loud, affirmations help us change the way we think. It is crucial to think in a positive way about yourself – that is how your self-esteem is built, day after day.

4. Work on your looks

It is not wrong or superficial to pay attention to how you look. Even though people should not be judged by the way they look, the fact is we love ourselves as much as we take care of ourselves. In other words, show yourself how much you care about you by improving the physical features you don’t like. This is not about trying to look like a model or a fitness fan, but focusing on the little things that don’t need a lot of effort. First of all, start working out. It will shape your body and make you feel great. It will also be a way you decompress and stay away from negative thoughts.

Change your hairstyle if you think the current one doesn’t work for you; pay a visit to a dental clinic like Fairy Meadow Dental to get a suggestion on how to brighten your smile or fix your crooked tooth; buy a piece of clothing you feel great wearing and wear it often. Whatever you feel you could change, go and change it – everything you do for yourself will boost up your confidence.

5. Learn to accept compliments

When somebody pays you a compliment, don’t just shrug your shoulders and respond with: “Oh, please…”. Allowing yourself to really accept a compliment will show you how others see you and what positive features they discovered in you. Be open to it, as it will tell you what you already have in you. Many of us tend to ignore the nice things other people tell about us and focus only on the bad. It’s time you stop with that and warmly welcome and remember every compliment you get.

6. Do acts of kindness

Being kind and generous to others really helps you, too. Don’t think it’s a cheesy statement. It truly makes us feel good about ourselves to be there for someone in need. Random acts of kindness really are really beneficial for both the one who receives them and the one who does them. It is like a beautiful, magical circle – do good things and feel good.

Better habits!

If you stick to these habits and persevere, you’ll notice that in time you start feeling better and better about yourself. Your self-image is not something you can improve overnight. Be patient and you’ll see your patience is paying off.  Want to read more about emotions and happiness in your life? Than check this post!

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