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December 26, 2013.Floortje.0 Likes.8 Comments
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HO HO HO HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Finally it was there, Christmas time. The most cozy time of the year. It was strange but also so nice and lovely to celebrate in here in Ischgl in the snow which I never did before! (Even though the weather can be better, more snow and sun please!). This year it was also the first time for me to celebrate Christmas with my sweet Paul and his family and I couldn’t say how grateful I am to be here with him and our beloved ones. That makes this Christmas even more special. On Christmas Eve we had dinner together and gave each other presents. Besides it is already a present to be here, it’s always nice to receive some touchable ones as well haha. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got this year! :). So, Tuesday was more about cozy time together. In contrast to Tuesday we went out on Christmas day with the young people. We couldn’t ski that day because of the bad weather so it was time for some action and that’s also why we went out. Not only because of that of course, also because it was just so good to celebrate it that way together! So that’s basically my little excuse for my late Christmas post this year. I was planning to do it on Tuesday to wish you all a Merry Christmas but there wasn’t time for it. Anyway, even though I am a little late with my wishes I hope you had the best Christmas ever full of love and happiness!
I already told you about what I was going to wear this Christmas and in these photos you see the result. I am wearing my gorgeous red skirt from Choies which I still like so much! The funny thing was that Paul thought he really wouldn’t like this outfit but when the evening was there he fall in love with it hihi :).
I was wearing:
Skirt: Choies (other colors here)
Top: Topshop
Heels: Zara
Lipstick: Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting No. 1AE

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