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Happy world animal day to all the beautiful creatures we love so much. While this blog is mostly about fashion and beauty, we think it’s good to take a moment and talk about other things that are important, such as the care of animals. Besides that you have to show your pet some extra love today (lucky Fien who gets kisses from four different people), it is also a day to stand still by all the animal suffering in the world.

While we are supporting the animal association here in The Netherlands, we read about so many terrible stories of people who are treating their animals so badly. But it doesn’t stop at home. Think about the bigger creatures who are threatened everyday. But what can we do?

Well first things first, treat the animals around you. Of course not only on the 4th, but every day of the year. See you if you can help an animal in need and share news about animals with your friends and on socials (both positive and negative) if you feel like it so we spread the news. Support associations you feel connected with, because they really do great things. But also, stop eating meat for one day. If we will all do that, it will safe over 500,000 animals a day only in the Netherlands..

We prepare gorgeous animal gift for our lovely pet, dogs and cat etc.

Cherish you pets with custom pet animal portrait for World Animal Day, add some personal touch to your home decoration. It’s easy! All you need is to pick your favorite photo(s) and send to us, and we’ll hand in the best piece of art to make you smile.


For now, we will kiss Fien till she gets bored of it.. 🙂

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