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These are the last photos from my adventure in Cyprus with L’Oréal. You can maybe imagine by seeing these photos why I called it heaven, because it was definitely was. The hotel where we were staying was called Cratos Premium and was maybe one of most the beautiful hotels I have ever stayed at (and that for free!!). Okay not totally for free because I worked three days almost 24 hours. Even sleeping at night felt like working because in my dreams I was doing our rehearsals again and again and again…

Anyway, it was such a shame that we didn’t had time there. I was craving to take a dive in that swimming pool! I imagined myself, jumping in this refreshing blue water and after getting a tan in one of those cool seats. But that sayed a dream for sure, I think the management team from L’Oréal wouldn’t be so happy if I actually did this while we were about to leave to the airport. Still, when I see the photos I wished I had the time OR chance to actually do this. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I will visit this place again one day and then nobody can stop me. I will just take that dive!

For today I really had the longest day ever. That’s also the main reason why I have this late night post but I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow. I need to feed my baby! Anyway, I had a fashionshow today and we wait for like 12 hours.. I can tell you, modeling work is not all about glitter and glamour like everybody thinks it is. It’s a real hard job which takes a LOT of patience. When the show finally started at 9:15 pm it was really nice of course but I’m so happy to be home now. I will not longer talk to you guys for today because my bed is calling me as it’s almost midnight here. Hope you liked this post and see you soon! Goodnight!! Mwuah xxxx














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  1. Wowsers, so unreal. I’m a water sign so constantly need to be surrounded by the ocean and its lush landscape. Like a dream babe! You fit right in with those shades!

    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back soon love!

    xo- Julie
    Peace. Love. LOL!
    Haute Khuuture Blog

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