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High end fashion, we love it so much but unfortunately we don’t have an unlimited credit card to spend it all. Happily for us there are great options who are following the bigger brands and make awesome, more affordable, ‘copies’. In this post we created three different looks to copy from designers. So they feature the real deal, but also more affordable copycats. For which look, brand, budget and style are you going?

A classic print with a huge comeback. All inspired and started with Burberry, but done by many other brands after the years passed by. This season, it is hot to go all over and wear in as a ladies suit; skirt and jacket! But are you doing for the more expensive version of Sandro, or do you go budget and shop at H&M? Same with what you wear underneath, because you can go for real silk, or for something that is close to it.?

Last but not least, the shoes and accessories. Do you pair Chlo√©’s newest bucket bag with some high-end animal printed knee boots (they must be high on your shopping list anyway!), or do you do for a copy bucket bag with some more affordable snake-print knee boots? Seen these on Instagram a lot already!

Trend two; suit it up! And especially if it is a corduroy suit, because this old school fabric is hotter than ever. We are dying for this deep brown suit, but a more affordable option would be this beige one which is absolutely pretty as well! Combine it either way with a red turtleneck  and some stiletto heels with glittery socks. But are you going for the ones from Jimmy Choo or Mango? To be on point with your suit, the last thing you need to add is a hat. Now you are ready to rock the season!

At last a trend that you will love or hate; color blocking and especially in red, pink or purple tones. In this wishlist we go for a purple sweater with a pink skirt. The one we found is from Isabel Marant and just has the perfect model. Happily for you there is a more affordable version from Sandro available as well. Besides rocking a sweater like this on a jeans, jeans shorts or leather pants, we would like to see it on one of these two skirts. But it the Prada one or the H&M one a better match?

Spice up a girly look like this with a belt bag in red – Saint Laurent or Stradivarius – and go for some big, oversized dad sneakers. Of course you can rock the Balenciaga Triple S with it, but a more affordable version will do the work as well.

Want to continue shopping? Makes ure to check this and this page to get inspired!

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