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Refills seem to become a bigger and bigger trend. Costumers want to become more ecologically responsible and brands finally begin to challenge themself to create new and smarter ways to package their products. Are refillables the solution? Well, maybe. At least it is better than buying a full new product every time. That is when Hourglass came with the brand’s first refillable lipstick called the Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable lipstick.

In the beauty scene, make-up has been a bit behind the facts on refillable products that are chic at the same time. I mean, we all know the funky refillable soap or shampoos bottles, but make-up? Not so much, yet. That is when Hourglass Cosmetic founder Carisa Janes wanted to create a refillable lipstick with a luxe look and high-fashion design. It had to be sleek to fit any clutch, but shiny and gold for the luxury touch.

The challenge was developing a formula that was compatible with such a slim applicator, yet rich in color and texture, and with a refillable cartridge,” says Janes. “After thorough research and exhaustive testing, we accomplished our goal.

Another plus point is the lower price on a new product. When consumers purchase a product, the refill cartridge tends to be cheaper, meaning customer don’t feel like they are simply “paying for the packaging.” Not to forget about the repeating-purchase-behavior, because if you already have the packaging, it makes you feel better to buy a refill than a total new product.

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