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How to Christmas During Covid

October 30, 2020.Floortje.7 Likes.1 Comment

I never thought I would write a post like this, but we are in a situation that still has so much impact on our daily lives, that we can use some positivity and inspiration. I am talking about Covid-19. What began as a month lockdown, became almost a whole year of lockdown. The ‘new normal’ is getting normal, but I think we all agree that we miss our old lives. Miss seeing a group of friends, miss partying, miss hugging your family, miss traveling and miss going out for daily groceries without worrying if you got your mouth mask. Now, with Christmas around the corner, it will be harder than ever. That is why I thought it would be a good idea to share a ‘How to Christmas during Covid’ post. To let you know you are not alone in this battle and to make the best out of the Holiday season, no matter what.

I was supposed to go skiing with my family this year, like we try to do every year. We all live for skiing. It is our favorite activity to do with the family, but it is 99% chance we have to cancel it. So, what is next? We cannot have dinner with the whole family or throw a big X-mas party for a bunch of friends. Yet, I think there are plenty of things to do to make Christmas 2020 unforgettable (if it already isn’t).


First things first, Christmas on it’s way means advent. No matter if it is a calendar filled with chocolate to feed your sweet tooth with, or a beauty calendar to pamper yourself: everybody loves a good advent calendar. One that caught my eye is this adventskalender 2020 from My Jewellery. It’s a star, it’s pink and full of 10 surprises! This is not only a great one to give to your mother, sister, bff, but also as a gift to yourself – or make sure you receive it as a gift ;-).


Since most of us didn’t travel this year, or just very little, there is a big chance you have some savings left. This doesn’t mean you have to splurge on big things, but maybe it is an extra good reason to give yourself and/or your beloved ones a little extra something this Christmas. A thoughtful present makes everyone smile, right?

Dress up

Christmas at home doesn’t mean you cannot dress up. The photo from below was me on my birthday this year. I only celebrated it with my parents and brother, but it didn’t stop me to wear a tulle dress for the occasion. So this Christmas you will see me in a glitter suit and my highest heels for sure, and so should you!

Be creative

I love love loveeee crafting, painting and making or changing things, so during the Christmas days, this will be definitely me. I love painting my house and I still have a bedroom that I have to do. But of course making my house and my brothers house cozy with (selfmade) Christmas decorations, will be one of the activity’s. It is so fun to play around with some glue, paint or needle and thread. Just give it a try, cause I believe everybody can be creative.

Cooking a lottttt of food

Last but not least: making a big ass Christmas dinner. I got lucky with a mom and brother that can cook like Michelin star-chefs, so me and my dad will probably play the sommelier while getting drunk. But for me, nothing is more fun and special than spending a day in the kitchen together cooking, drinking and dancing.

What is your best ‘How to Christmas During Covid’ tip? Please share them below! In search for more inspo? Check this page! For now, all stay safe, healthy, happy and positive! There is something special in every situation, you only need to make the best out of it. Xx

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    You look so stunning, babe!

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