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A Sunday well spend brings a week of content! Well, after a little bit of complaining about the lack of hours in a day in last post, I always feel better after a good weekend. Finally energized to do and make it better the next week. When it comes to my personal life, I hate planning. I just want to meet up with friends spontaneous or date when the time is there, not have anything planned two weeks ahead because it will drive me crazy. Most of the time it will end up on canceling. Compared to my work it is the opposite, as I love to plan there. I cannot live without my agenda, laptop, phone and planner. Seriously, I would feel lost if I hadn’t these items with me or on my desk. It is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do when I leave the office.

But how to plan? And how to manage having two jobs and a personal life all at the same time? I know many of you are dealing with these problem. Not particularly having two jobs, but managing homework, after school jobs and friends all at together. Some of you are blogging as well, which takes so much time, tell me about it. To be honest, I have to leave many things for my jobs. No late nights during the week and shooting outfits in the weekend instead of lunches with friends. In the beginning of this year I totally lost my balans. Home was work and work was home. In other words, I worked non-stop. Since April we moved to a new office, away from home, which is finally in shape now. For me it is the best solution to keep things separate and to live again.

Tip number one would definitely be; finding another place to do your homework or job/blogging work, so you can keep it all separate. But what are we without planning the jobs right? Like a task list. This helps me a lot to get done all the things I want to do during a day. One of the items I absolutely cannot live without, is my half year planner from The Design Love Co. Besides the lovely appearance and motivating quotes each month, it is made to plan your day, step by step. So, this is my office planner/agenda. To keep my private and bloggers life organized in some way, I will always have my phone with me. I like them to have a pretty cover, and thanks to GMYLE I have the prettiest marble one of them all. Same as this camouflage Macbook cover, which is my work essential number one. I mean, a blogger without a computer is lost right?

So we have planning, essentials, a working place but we also have to feel comfortable wether we work or go. When we first moved in the new office it wasn’t that pretty. The carpeting was dirty and there wasn’t a single bit of decoration. The desks where pale and I felt restless. After a few months of working non stop, it finally looks like a real office now. With nice posters on the wall and beautiful furniture. You might know that my second job is in the coffee machines (from grandpa to my dad, to Rob and me now), that is why I was so happy I got to design this beautiful poster at Sticky9. My little contribution to a nice working place!

Hope you all liked to post and that it might help you to keep your own life organized and planned. Please share me your tips as well, I would love to hear them! Wish you al a peaceful Sunday my loves. Talk soon xx












Design Love Co. Planner

GMYLE Macbook Cover

GMYLE iPhone cases

Sticky9 Poster

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