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It is a proven fact that in order to get that steaming gorgeous body, you need to put some work in it. The question is, how to get that perfect shape and still have fun doing it? Without further ado, here is an enjoyable list that would both help you stay in great physical condition while still having fun doing it.


There is no better way to get moving then by playing some energetic playlist and start moving those feet. It is known that dancing is a whole-body workout, and no matter whether you do the samba, cha-cha or salsa, you would definitely burn between 120-200 calories in just 30 minutes of dance. There is also no need to worry if you don’t know all the steps. You can just indulge in the sound and the rhythm and let your body do all the work. Spinning, turning or twisting doesn’t require having much stamina. You will soon find out that it would bring you immense results. But the best thing is that you will have a blast!

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If you are a thrill-seeker as well, and you really don’t prefer plain strolling around your street, then adventurous hiking is the thing for you! Simple daily walking can also give fantastic results when it comes to your fitness. But if you have more time to spare, why not pack your backpack with the basic essentials, hit the road and go to the mountains? Believe it or not, climbing can do magic to your legs, especially to the hamstring muscles. By doing that type of power walking, you would also burn the excess fat. What is more, you can pack a camera, take photos of the marvelous landscape. Relax in the fresh air, create vast memories and explore the nature, and be entertained all the way.


Want to wake up your inner child and go wild? Then taking a rusty old bike from your basement is the solution or if you don’t have one you can get cheap bikes at your local neighborhood store and start paddling! Next to keeping you in superb shape, cycling has other health benefits as well. The first one is protecting you from getting some serious disease such as stroke or heart attack. Then it can also contribute to staying in that positive attitude all they long. As you cycle around your town to shop for groceries or you are in search for the perfect place to park your bike and chill out, your body will release those happy endorphins which would definitely make you feel content knowing that you have both did some exercise and spend a productive day outside.

floortjeloves, how to stay in shape, workout, sport, fun list, the fun list, fun workouts, motivation


Since summer is here and there is no greater way than to jump into that refreshing cool water and do some strokes. Even if you don’t have an easy access to a river, lake or ocean, you can always find an indoor or outdoor pool near your house and start exercising. Some people believe that swimming is an incredible way to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. It improves your cardiovascular system, and re-shape your body into that silhouette that you wish for. So, no matter if you do a freestyle, butterfly or a breaststroke the results would be equally effective. It will be visible in a short period because just doing any of these exercises on a daily basis you would burn fat faster then you can notice it.


Great weather usually means that you should spend as much time possible as you can outside. If you also have the aim to lose some extra weight and shape up your figure, then playing some fun and exciting outdoor ball game is just the thing that you need! Whether you choose badminton, beach volleyball, squash or plain table tennis, be sure that you would burn those calories while having loads of fun and experiencing team spirit as well. If you are keen on some more extreme activities, you can also try something more intense like lacrosse or footvolley, which is quite similar to football. But if you are more up to something more sweaty and unpredictable, then paintball would be the thing for you. All of these activities require a lot of movement. Be prepared to have immense fun while also doing some cardio!

floortjeloves, how to stay in shape, workout, sport, fun list, the fun list, fun workouts, motivation


Every once in a while you should try something completely new and different. One of the most thrilling and intriguing workouts is the Portuguese capoeira. It is certainly the best way to exercise and have fun all at once. It combines the elements of martial arts, dancing, and even acrobatics. Don’t be frightened if the movements seem to difficult. You can start by doing some basic kick moves and with time you would improve since the goal is to exercise. To top it all off, it is followed up with music so good time is guaranteed.

floortjeloves, how to stay in shape, workout, sport, fun list, the fun list, fun workouts, motivation

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