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For those with a small office or an office at home, don’t want their printer or scanner be the centre of the room. The opposite. The smaller the better, not to forget that we prefer a fancy design as well. You may remember this post from a long time ago, when HP came out with the funky Deskjet. World’s smallest printer and scanner in one by then, which looked good too.

Last month they introduced a new pearl in their collection who will beat them all: the HP Tango. This new, compact printer, is unique in design compared to other printers. It has a  linen case (which you can get in different colors) to fold it all up and leave it in the room as a plain box. If that ain’t fancy, right?

The HP Tango is also perfect for personal use and easily print your photos with from your phone.  A service that go very well with this, is the HP Instant Ink. This is a personalized subscription to receive the right ink for your printer when you need it. With recycle option it also prevents waste, so they make it more sustainable as well. Make sure to read more on their website about this service to get the most out of your printer!
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