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August 14, 2018.Floortje.0 Likes.1 Comment

Wow you guys, I really feel like I  have to share a big life update with you and in this video I am going to do it all (well, almost). First of all; I am back in English! From now on I will do a mix of videos in my mother language Dutch and in English for my international followers, so there is a little bit of both worlds. Think about vlogs and particular videos in Dutch and informative and fashion videos in English. In this way I hope it will make you all happy, since I got a lot comments to make English videos again.

Next up the reason why I have been so quite lately. Well, there were actually three reasons for this. Starting with the breakup from me and my boyfriend. My way to be happy again since I haven’t been that for quite a while.. But also the launch of my own jewelry brand Je Suis Flore (follow follow follow!) and a special project where I am still a little bit mysterious about.. Without further due I think you should just watch the video and understand all what I am saying here. Hope you like it! XX WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

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  • Brigitte Evans . August 16, 2018 . Reply

    You go, girl! 🙂

    The jewelry line will be beautiful, can’t wait to see it <3


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