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I’m back!! After catching up so much work, which I still not finished, I finally have some time to show you another set of images which we shot in the beautiful Joule hotel in Dallas. Life has been pretty crazy lately. Since I came home last Monday I have been working non stop. Both for my dads company as for the blog of course. We are in the middel of an office move and we need to fix everything as soon as possible. Such like the internet which is still not working properly. Especially nowadays we can’t do anything without a good WiFi connection right? So we try to prepare a lot before we start the next morning, which means a lot of extra work. Besides changing from office, I also had to catch up a lot of blog-work from my two weeks travel. Editing the photos, catching up on emails, collaboration deadlines who are running like crazy and getting through all the business cards I’ve got during my trip to make sure to stay in contact with everyone. And this is just a part of how my life looks like lately..

Besides being so super busy and fully scheduled, I love to have a little ‘me-time’ in between. From having my breakfast in the morning, to my go-to-bed routine at night. I take the time to enjoy these precious moments alone and let it all be. Seriously, I wake up half an hour earlier to enjoy my breakfast. Everybody who travels or wake up with me and doesn’t have a proper breakfast, can really expect a sermon from me. I mean, beauty not only comes from the outside. It is not only about using that pot of cream to keep your face hydrated or to add that little bit of blush to get a healthy glow. It is all about what we put inside our bodies and how we take the time to enjoy it. A person that feels good from the inside, will always shine from the outside.

During our stay at the Joule, I happily got to have my favorite kinds of breakfast. A lot of fruits, yogurts, granola or a green juice like this morning. Before we had our last day of the conference which was all about learning, we took the time to enjoy a breakfast in bed while wearing the coziest wardrobes ever. To be honest, I wished this moment had last forever. I felt so good, so relaxed and so full of energy afterwards. This all was not only because of the comfy bed or the sunshine on my face. I start every morning with this feeling because I take the time to take good care of myself. To ‘feed’ my inner beauty. When I make my fresh orange ready to eat for example, I am already getting full of happiness. Appreciating every single moment in life right? Being the best person you can be and give your positive energy to others. That is what I try to do at least haha.

So no make-up for today. No special hair- or skincare routine. Just the easiest way of creating beauty with having a little me-time. Keep remembering guys, what you give to yourself and to others, is also what you get. Wish you all a wonderful week! XOXO












Thanks to The Joule Dallas for their excellent service and beautiful room!

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