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It’s right around diner time and I’m getting hungry. Sometimes I do lack the inspiration to cook up something good, but these #food Instagram-accounts know better. It’s not just what they cook, but also how they cook it. Just take a look!

It’s not just the food itself but these pictures are art in their purest form. It’s lovely to watch and probably heavenly to eat. Don’t know what’s for dinner tonight? Check out these beautiful dishes!

@kimberleyhasselbrink is #fit and #food

Into healthy, organic and fruits? Then, this is the #food Instagram-account for you. Kim, isn’t just a good cook, she makes wonderful pictures as well. Don’t take my word for it, just look!


Specialized in lunch and breakfast, Lindsay makes pure art from a burrito. If you want to know how to start to day right? Follow this lady!

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I’m a zucchini boat person now

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If greazy and badass is your thing, then Dennis has got you covered. This #food afficionado has his own blog, Instagram and YouTube channel, If you want to go all out tonight, look at his account! Oh right, he also makes his own cocktails!

Judy loves to bake. She is a foodstylist, so her pictures are downright ridiculous. Everything about it just looks right and very very appealing. So if you want to get some weekend bakin’ inspiration? Head on over to her account.


Giullia hits a little closer to home with her dishes. Even though her pictures look gorgeous, they aren’t the most difficult to recreate. Just follow her lead, she’s an author of several cookbooks after all.

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Pork loin is my favourite pork cut. Known as arista in Tuscany, it is often the star of my cooking classes. Now I tend to vary the menu as much as possibile, but during the first years I would rely on a simple, basic Tuscan menu which had the arista as the main course. This is also when I started dating @tommyonweb. . I would invite him for dinner to eat leftovers from the cooking classes, believing it would be nice – it is cool to have a girlfriend who teaches cooking classes, isn’t it? There was always arista on the menu, though. My mum took me aside and explained me that I had to change menu if I wanted him to come back, as it was getting boring day after day to have always the same leftovers! . So I started picking different cut of meat, making Tommaso and my students happy! . Pork loin is so versatile, though, that you could cook it day in day out and have completely different dishes every time: roast it with the bone or without, with fresh herbs and olive oil, with apples and onions, with prunes and pancetta, or, one of my favourites, with prosciutto, pears and pecorino. . Are you crazy about pork loin just like me? How do you usually roast it? #myseasonaltable #bakedinmud

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I learnt to appreciate the idea of comfort that a recipe represents. Trippa alla fiorentina, pappa al pomodoro, roast pork loin, fagioli all’uccelletto. If they are so iconic of Tuscan cuisine, wouldn’t it be for a good reason? I do not feel out of fashion if I cook them for dinner, if I propose them during a cooking class, or better, if I dream to mop clean the pan where I cooked the trippa with a piece of bread. That’s why I felt the urge to make these beans, substituting sausages with meatballs. You can read this recipe on the blog today, along a reflection on being traditional, irreverent and nostalgic. Just follow the link in bio. . Mi sono affezionata all’idea di conforto che una ricetta rappresenta. La trippa alla fiorentina, la pappa al pomodoro, l’arista alla fiorentina, i fagioli all’uccelletto. Se sono così iconici della cultura gastronomica toscana ci sarà un motivo, no? Non mi sento fuori moda a prepararli per cena, a proporli a un corso di cucina, a sognare la scarpetta fatta col pane fresco nel sugo di pomodoro della trippa. E allora oggi sul blog ti racconto di queste polpette all’uccelletto, e di come a volte io sia tradizionale, irriverente e nostalgica. Trovi il link in bio! #weeknightmeals #weeklymealprep

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A large pan hosts cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves, basil and some chilli pepper to your taste. This is the beginning of my pasta al pomodoro of summer 2018. The tiny plump tomatoes burst for the heat and melt into the olive oil, becoming a chunky sauce flavoured with basil and garlic. Isn’t it the quintessential taste of an Italian summer? The chili pepper adds a gentle heat and a handful of pine nuts gives some texture to the sauce. This burst cherry tomato sauce makes the perfect weeknight meal as you can prepare it in 15 minutes. If you want to make it more special and channel your Italian nonna, roll out some home-made spelt maltagliati and toss them with this sugo. Follow the link in bio to discover the easiest recipe for pasta al pomodoro! #myseasonaltable . Oggi sul blog una pasta al sugo di ciliegini e pinoli. La mia pasta al pomodoro dell’estate 2018. Trovi il link in bio per la ricetta!

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If you look at these pictures, you’ll start to wonder why it’s called minimalistic, but all the recipes are plant-based and made in thirty minutes or less. What else do you want.


Tieghan Gerard is the author and owner of Half Baked Harvest. This foodie also wrote her own cookbook with beautiful recipes ranging from pastas, curry’s and baking.





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