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The last two weeks of the year consist of many free days. Maybe too many if you would ask us. Starting the weekend before Christmas, then Christmas. Now it is the weekend before New Years eve and then tomorrow; New Years eve. On these free days, you might feel a little bored. The house is cleaned, the fridge is filled, you will start working out again in January and you’ve watched all the good Netflix series already. What is left?

It is no surprise if you admit that you have spend a lot of time at home these days, because that is what we do during the Holidays right? Think about it; you have probably seen an unused object in your home – or your friend’s or family’s one – during these days. What if you could give it a new life and re-use it again? A simple DIY can be fun, easy and is of course sustainable as well!

sustainability, sustainable, interior, diy


We all know them, those ugly tables from Grandma’s house, the simple chairs from when you were a kid or that chandelier you once bought at the market but never actually used. But have you ever thought about giving them a new life with a douch of color? Go wild with your creativity and create something that fits the style of your home.

sustainability, sustainable, interior, diy


Next to painting furniture, you can also paint decorations? Ever thought about elevating a simple touch into a plant holder? Or make fases out of old bottles? You can create amazing things with waste and some paint, so go look around to see what you can DIY this weekend!

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You might be a little bit handier for this, or just believe you can do it because it ain’t that hard. Sewing by hand is perfect to test your patience, which makes it a great therapy to stress less (hey New Years resolution!). Give a simple pillow or throw a new life with patches, or create cute tassels with old yarns.

sustainability, sustainable, interior, diy


Don’t forget about the power of combining! Who doesn’t know it? The soap dispenser made out of an old school Jack Daniels bottle. But there are plenty of other things to create by combining old materials! Think about creating an animal out of old buttons and jewelry and frame it in. Or creating candles – or even a clock – out of old tea cups! These are not only fun things to have in your home, but also to give as we present to a friend!

sustainability, sustainable, interior, diy


The last sustainable DIY for you is to see beauty in old materials again that aren’t waste. Think about that old basket which you can make a cool lamb of. Or those old books which you can attach together to create a knife holder which keeps them sharp. Be creative with anything you see around you to create the coolest interior with a story.


From now on, we want to share the coolest sustainable interior articles with you every Sunday. This can be about anything. From brands to follow to interior hacks or hun DIY’s. Want more sustainable articles? Then follow this page for daily updates!

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