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Today is the big day and I am so so excited to share this next chapter with you which I have been working on the last few weeks/months. It is time to make my childhood dream come true and launch my own handmade and designed jewelry label ‘Je Suis Flore‘. Let’s tell you a little bit more..

Ever since I was a kid I was making my own jewelry. When I was around 11 years old I even started a website to tell my things, which of course didn’t worked about by then because I was way too young. So I continued making jewelry and sold it to friends, family and colleagues. Through the years, I never stopped making jewelry, but I stopped sharing it with the world because of other work. With Je Suis Flore it is time to come back and share my biggest passion in life; making jewelry.

I came up with the name after my holiday in Cannes. I am passionated about France; the language, the people, the food, so I wanted to have a touch of French to the name. It also had to be different from Floortjeloves, but I still wanted to add my identity. At last I wanted a name that could be anything, because who knows what will follow after my first collection. Je Suis Flore has a similar meaning to Floortjeloves; it is who I am. The things I stand for, what I like to do and what I love to wear. From big statement earrings, to the small bracelets to finish off my look. Each item is unique and made with love and special care.

My first collection for Je Suis Flore is called ‘Florentine‘. This is an ode to my mom, Clementine and the nickname she always gives me; Florentine. It is also an ode to summer. No matter if you enjoy the French Riviera, the Italian coast or a holiday at home; the jewels are made to wear as a statement and cheer up any outfit. I wanted to create a collection that is new and fresh. You see so many brands who do the same thing and with Je Suis Flore I want to show that jewelry is more than a golden hoop.

So here it is, my first collection and I am dying of excitement to show you the pieces I have made with so much love and care. I hope you will like it! Show me some love and follow us on the Je Suis Flore Instagram and of course check out the shop! Much love, Floortje


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