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This week is Kingsday in the Netherlands, which means we all paint our hair orange, up in the colors of the flag and singing the national anthem non stop. Well, we wish. It actually means a lot of parties, festivals, beer, drunk tourists and locals and canals that explode with boats. Kingsday really is a day that all the Dutch people go crazy (it is even a free day for us), so if you are planning a trip to our small country than better be prepared! But no matter if you’re a tourist in the city, or a local; we love to dress up for the occasion. That is why it is time to share a little inspiration in this Kingsday shopping wishlist!

Lately we have been loving the joggers trend, that is why this hoodie with this Fenty x Puma joggers is a perfect comfy yet fashionable outfit to wear during the day. Also perfect to hide a hangover from the day before (Kingsnight). Be prepared for some rain because hey, it’s still the Netherlands, and wear this maxi puffer coat as a statement. Finish your look with some orange lipstick and nail polish and you are Kingsday ready!


1. Hoodie
2. Handbag
3. Joggers
4. OPI Nail Polish
5. Pineapple Earrings
6. NYX Lipstick
7. All Stars Converse
8. Bag with Beads
9. Japanese Trousers
10. Japanese Top
11. Maxi Puffer Coat
12. Transparent Sunglasses
13. Strap Sandals


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