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August 26, 2018.Floortje.1 Like.0 Comments

You may noticed that I traveled a lot these past few months. From city trips to Paris and Krakow, to family holidays in Cannes and Tuscany. Something you may not know is that I like to read a lot. Such as writing, reading is another passion of mine. I definitely prefer a good book over any movie or series while I am at home, or while I am traveling. Now you can imagine that carrying heavy books all the time is not always an option for me. That is why I got to try out the Kobo Plus E-Book and the convenience of this little guy surprised me more than I thought it would..

You may have seen sneak peak in this post, buy this is the size of the Kobo Plus E-Book I have been carrying around. With thousands of books of my choice, it is super easy find something that fits my taste. I also read faster than ever, since it is so convenient. No more struggle with a book that is too heavy to held in one hand. This little guys is readable in any position. It also fits all my small bags and it readable in both dark light as well as in bright sunlight.

Now I try to convince everyone around me to get such a little guy, cause it really saved mt from a lot of pain in my back as you may understand ;-). Now I am curious, are you familiar with e-reader and e-books as well? Let me know in the comments!

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