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June 14, 2018.Floortje.0 Likes.0 Comments

Three more days you guys before Father’s Day! Time to get the last minute presents for your dad, before it is too late. But wait, what to give?! In case you missed our last gift guide you might have no clue, so better check that one as well as this guide to get you ready. First things first; treat your dad with something yummy. Take him out on dinner or celebrate it at home with a delicious cake. Always good because you know what they say..

If you have a dad who is often on the go, than consider giving him a new suitcase. Big chance he need one because he still forget to get it himself. In case he just got one, you can go a little smaller and go for a new wallet or tie. These essentials are safe to go for and we are sure he will love it too!


1. Blue Cap
2. Card Quote
3. Truffle Cake
4. Blue Shirt
5. Gold Cufflinks
6. Leather Wallet
7. DW Watch
8. Silver Suitcase
9. Black Backpack
10. Blue Tie
11. Suede Boots
12. Hugo Boss Perfume

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