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Ah Sunday, you come as fast as you go. Most of the hours fly by, especially when being lazy. And there’s nothing better lounging about, with nothing on your mind, but it might leave you with a slight feeling of regret when Monday rolls around.

Getting up at an early hour is the hardest part. Sunday’s for me are usually for sleeping in, but it’s also my only day off. So, if you don’t want lose any second of it, get off that ass and get it into the second gear.

1. Sunday’s for sporting

Even if you follow a strict sporting regiment during the week days, sporting is still an important part of a productive Sunday. But going to the gym isn’t recommended. Instead, hit up the soccer or tennis court. Ask your significant other to join and go early so you are warmed up for the rest of the day.

2. Sunday’s for exploring

Daily you pass hotspots that pique your interest, but you never find the time to stop and step in. Well, here’s your chance. Put on your coat, throw on a scarf and go by all these hotspots you’ve never got to visit. Especially if you live in a city like Amsterdam, you never know how long these places will be around for.

3. Sunday’s for cleaning

Sundays can be the only day you’ve got to do chores. Yep, it sucks, but gather all your power and courage and clean. Do it good, quick and early and continue on with the next and previous entry’s in this list.

4. Sunday’s for s**

We think about it right? The best days are spent in the comfort of your own bed. What if you are head over heels in love and this certain someone is waking up with you on this very same Sunday? Well, all you should think is, we shouldn’t hold back today.

5. Sunday’s for self expression

One of the best things a person can do is (re)visits his or her creative side. Maybe you’ve dabbled in painting or you’re an adept musician. Whatever your trait is, let it flourish on Sunday. It’s one of the only days you can be be creative without being interrupted.

6. Sunday is for home improvement

While you are visiting the creative, expressive version of yourself, you love is finally remodelling the bathroom like he promised ages ago. Or perhaps you are, while he is practicing his yoga. It’s 2019 and stereotypes are bullsh*t.

7. Sunday’s for working?

Well not working per say, but if you are like Floortje or me, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your own company or side hustle during the week days. A Sunday could be the perfect day. Pour yourself a good cup of coffee and have at it. Just, don’t overdo it. A few hours are more than enough, don’t forget that you need to rest too.

8. Sunday’s for whatever I want it to be!

And you are absolutely right. Sunday is first and foremost for anything ‘you’ want to do. It’s not for remedial tasks you don’t feel like doing. It’s for having fun and relaxing while also being a little bit productive. Just don’t spend it in bed watching Netflix. Unless you’re going for number 4.


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