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From the ugly sneaker trend, to something else that is more than comfortable; the sport trend. Because yes, you are allowed to wear your sport-gear outside the gym now. Totally in the 90’s vibe with big hoodies, puffer coats and of course the ugly sneaker! Rules this season? Add a little bit of silhouette. For example; when you go big on top, than wear something small on the bottom and vice versa. So when you go for this big puffer coat with oversized sweatshirt, than add a sportleggings to shot the legs you work on so hard.

Than the ugly sneaker. If you love if you probably have the Balenciaga Triple S on your wishlist as well. But besides the fact that they are sold out everywhere, they are terribly expensive as well. You might want to go for a more budget version, such as this baby blue one from Fila. Probably super comfy as well! Last things to rock the sport trend? Of course the belt bag, printed socks that your dad will hate and some gold on your neck or in your ears, such as with this ear cuff!


1. Balenciaga belt bag
2. Saskia Diez Ear cuff
3. Kiehl’s Lipbalm
4. Fila Sport Leggings
5. Fila Sweatshirt
6. Gucci Socks
7. Fila Sneakers
8. Topshop Puffer Coat
9. Ganni Leopard Turtleneck

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  • ivana split . March 13, 2018 . Reply

    awesome sporty outfit!

  • Liv . March 13, 2018 . Reply

    Love the sporty style!


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