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MAKE-UP MONDAY It’s time for a new beauty post! Time is passing by so fast. I almost need to hurry to finish these articles in time. The topic for today was simple, you guys are asking me lots and lots of questions about my hair care routine and which products I use. So here are my secrets to keep my long blonde hair healthy. I hope you enjoy them!

To be honest I never go to the hairdresser. I usually hate it to go. All the hairdressers are almost scared to use a scissor in my hair because my hair stays healthy and it’s not really necessary to cut it. I don’t know if it is just good genes or the products? Okay kidding. I take good care of my hair but I do it in a normal way. Just a usual 10 minute shower and everything is done!

I always start with my shampoo. I do take a lot, and than I mean a LOT, shampoo. Because my hair is so long I of course need more shampoo than somebody with sorter hair but I also really like to wash it with much foam. Therefor I use Herbal Essences Volume Shampoo (I recognize it by the orange color, than I know I have the right one). I’m addicted with this amazing smell. After using your are guaranteed with fresh smelling hair! Herbal Essences isn’t also very expensive! I don’t like to spent so much money on my hair routine so this one is perfect for me.

After using the shampoo I always take a hair mask for my ponytail. At the moment I use Gliss Kur Total Repair Mask. This one isn’t also really expensive and very good. Before I found it I used L’oréal Intense Repair Mask. L’oréal is more expensive but the quality is always the best. I also think it’s good for your hair to vary in the mask, than your hair will not get used to the same product.
So, after I did the mask in my hair it’s time to do it in a knot and have it in my hair for some minutes. Meanwhile I have time to wash the rest of your body and shave my legs. When I finished this I can wash out the mask so my hair is clean.

That was all for me. I let my hair dry a bit while using a towel and afterwards I brush it out. To brush it easily I always use Gliss Kur Hair Repair Spray. This one is my angel, don’t know what to do without. Use just a few sprays around and brushing your hair after a shower is getting real fun, so easy! This is a product that I highly recommend because it is just so good and also not expensive at all!

Now I go sleeping. To let dry my hair it takes hours so I always shower in the evening. I don’t use a blowdryer or anything else, just go to sleep with wet hair (even though it can be so cold sometimes). Maybe that’s also one of the things which keeps my hair in a good condition, avoiding blowdryers or other hot plates. My advice to you: don’t use them if it’s not necessary. Of course you can make curls somedays or straighten your hair, no problem, but if you use something hot don’t forget to take a good serum to protect your hair. Mines is from L’oréal Lumino Contrast and I use it every morning when my hair is dry. Perfect for daily use and when you’re using your hot plates.

My last advice, don’t color your hair and respect it the way your parents gave it to you. I never colored my hair and I am not planning to do it either (okay maybe when it gets purple by itself..). Believe me guys, respect your hair and your hair will respect you too! I hope you liked my tips and tricks and that they will help you out with your own hair care routine!

Sending you all my love!

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