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MAKE-UP MONDAY Hi loves! The beginning of a new week so time for a new beauty post! Today I would like to talk about my favorite lipsticks. When I should go to a uninhabited island I will definitely take some lipsticks with me! You can really say that I am addicted with them. When I don’t wear lipstick it feels like my lips are asking for it. They get dry and irritated.. So yes I am addicted, but I don’t care. Because there isn’t something better than a good color on your lips right? 馃檪

So here are my favorites when it comes to lipsticks. Like you can see I like to wear pink and coral colors. They are actually the best match with me when it comes to my skin tones. You really should know which color to wear on your lips. For example, never go for a too light soft pink color when the color of your lips self are darker. Or when you have a pale skin like I have, don’t wear too much dark colors. It can be nice to wear bright red lips sometimes but for a daily wear soft coral and pink colors are much better.

Dior, Chanel, Lanc么me and Yves Saint Laurent are my favorite brands with the best colors. I like to spent a little bit more money on good products, especially when it’s something for your lips because at the end you’ll eat it right? These ones also smell very good which makes it even more interesting for me.

The Dior ones you see are a little bit more glossy but not too much. The color is really long lasting, especially for the Addict one. From all the lipstick Yves Saint Laurent is the most glossy one but they also have my favorite color. This one is perfect for spring and summer which is called Rouge Pur Couture. I also have this kind of coral color from Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet. This is a long lasting so much dryer than the one from Yves. When I go to a dinner I always use this one instead of Yves because the color takes much longer. At last the shiny gloss from Lanc么me. What I really like about this one is the fact that in the begging it’s a real gloss but at the end, when you have eaten all the gloss, you still have this lovely pink glow on your lips.

The ones I didn’t called but are also in the photos are Dior Rouge Nude, Chanel Coco Shine and Yves Saint Laurent Volupt茅 (don’t know it you can still but it actually..). You can shop them all by clicking on the name by the way! 馃檪

I hope you guys loved this new make-up Monday post and that I have inspired you with some new cravings when it comes to fashion for your lips. Coral kisses from here!! XX

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