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It’s snowing, the temperature is below zero, and you’re in watching a movie or just napping on the couch. Soon enough, you’ll run out of ideas on how to spend those lazy winter days and the house will become boring and dull. A great way to bring more life to your home and get moving is to take on a decorating adventure. Winter season is the perfect time to redecorate your living room and give it a new twist. Get your hands on some glitter and glue, and check out some of these décor ideas.

DIY decoration for fun

You probably still have those Christmassy décor elements nearby. If you’re crafty enough, with a little inspiration, you can create marvelous and timeless accessories. Take a few pieces of paper and consult online tutorials on how to make paper ornaments that go beautifully with the winter environment, even after the holidays. You can have a mix of paper, metal and wood stars hanging just above your window like a three-dimensional gallery wall. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Winter interior, DIY

You can add some more winter wonders by putting cinnamon sticks and vanilla grains in a couple of decorative jars and spreading them around the room, which will add both to the room scenery and essence. If you’re wishing for more snow, you can compensate by drawing a couple of snowflakes on every mirror in the house. The ideas are countless, and all you need is a touch of creativity and a bit of craftiness.

Winter interior, DIY

Colorful carpets for coziness

Nothing provokes an interior design revolution in the living room like a change of flooring. Brown, shaggy carpets are good for maintenance, but horrible for bringing the room to life. Replace the plain colored, dusty old rugs with beautiful round rugs that take up less space and enable you to clean your floor more easily. With an abundance of designs to choose from, you can get a couple of the same kind for a matchy-matchy solution, or go for a more exotic mismatched boho design. Be careful to choose thick, quality rugs for the coziest flooring accent.

Candles for romance

Candles have been the benchmark of the romantic atmosphere ever since electricity was discovered. By making a dim-lighted, shady environment, candles can make any room sensual and seductive. If you buy or make your own scented candles, you can have the best of both worlds – scenery and scent. Don’t wait for a special moment to light those candles up, but do so each time you feel like relaxing. With some saxophone blues playing in the background, you will definitely have the best experience.

Natural accents for comfort

Wood, stone, flowers, leaves and pinecones are just some of the natural materials you can use to add comfort to your living room. With enough nature around, you can make every moment in the room feel like a picnic in the forest. You can make a decorative basket from the things you collect around the woods and place it on your table. Not only will it look nice, but it will improve the room’s air quality, as well. You can also use twigs to make a nice centerpiece for the dining table.

Christmas lights for a special touch

Who says that Christmas is over? If you’re still not ready to take down all of your Christmas decoration, then don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Christmas lights can be thoughtful décor elements throughout the whole winter season. You can place them around your wardrobe elements, shelves or sitting furniture. They look wonderful in any room. Some of the best ways to use them are to hang them over your mirror wall frame, set them sliding down the curtains or use them as shiny ink to write something on your wall.

Winter interior, DIY

As well as everything else, decorating is more fun if it’s done with friends. Invite people you love to help you make your living room a place for everyone to enjoy. You can go décor shopping or create your own DIY accessories together. Don’t forget to invite your family over, too. Everyone loves to enjoy a comfy, romantically designed home. After you’ve finished, you will have a fresh new atmosphere, and soon enough, you will find all those cold, winter day activities more fun again.

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