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Even if you’re not a huge fan of weddings, you’ve got to admit that they’re the perfect opportunity to dress up and show some serious fashion skills. Regardless of whether you’re a guest or a bridesmaid, there’s something very uplifting about dressing to the nines and helping the bride and groom celebrate one of the nicest days of their life. Do you want to be one of the best-dressed people at the wedding? Then get ready because we’ll be showing you some of the hottest styling tips that will make sure everyone sees you in the best possible light for the big day.

Try the midi dress



While you shouldn’t exactly show up looking like a stripper, there’s no reason to be all buttoned-up either. Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean anyone expects you to look like a nun — not even the bride. If you’re not feeling brave enough to put on a knee-length dress, go for a midi cut that will show off your legs but still look perfectly elegant and demure enough for a wedding. Choose a floral print to make it look fresh and feminine, or go for a deep gem color if it’s an autumn wedding. A wrap dress with a V-neck is a good option here because it will give you a lovely silhouette, but you can also go for a shift dress and cinch it in at the waist with a trendy wide belt.

Throw on a pastel blazer

A blazer is also a standard part of wedding guest attire, but it can make you look a little dated. To avoid it, go for a bright pastel color instead of the standard black or navy. A peach-colored blazer can look absolutely lovely on anyone, but you can also go for pink, mint green, or soft blue depending on what you’re wearing underneath.

Go for floor-length if you’re a bridesmaid

If the bride is wearing a long dress, then you should be wearing one too. One part of your job is to make her look spectacular, and photos with all of you in gorgeous floor-length bridesmaid dresses made out of flowy, delicate materials will match the whole vibe perfectly. You’ll look almost ethereal and your beauty will contribute to that romantic, youthful atmosphere. If you want to make the bride happy, make sure that all of you are color-coordinated and consult her about the final choice.

Invest in some hair accessories

Weddings are a great opportunity to do something fun with your hair. Go for an elegant bun and make sure to ornament it with bejeweled hair clips, circlets, or sparkly pins. Now’s your chance to feel good in your own skin, and nothing makes us more confident than knowing that our updo is completely fabulous.

Keep jewelry minimalistic at the wedding



When it comes to weddings, the rule is to generally stick to several small, minimalist pieces, or to go for one bold statement piece. A pair of diamond earrings or maybe a giant cocktail ring are a really chic choice, but you can also go for slim necklaces and bracelets if you prefer something delicate and elegant to grace your body.  

Go for cozy shoes

Unless you plan to pack a pair of ballet flats in your bag, those tall stilettos are usually a bad idea. High, thin heels are even worse when worn in outdoor settings — you don’t want to keep struggling with the pointy heel slipping into the ground all the time. If you plan to dance and have a good time, do yourself a favor and pick a pair of cozy low heels, jazzy flats, or shimmery sandals that will look graceful but won’t sacrifice the comfort.

Get a good clutch



Now’s definitely not the time for a big, bulky bag — a sleek, chic little clutch is what you need. It’s big enough to put your phone and lipstick inside and it looks great when held in photos. To make it easier on yourself, get a clutch with a chain that you can wear over your shoulder. That way you don’t have to worry about keeping it in your hands at all times.

Don’t feel obliged to step out of your comfort zone

Going glam and dressing up to the nines is totally great as long as you still feel comfortable in your own skin. If you’re not sure how to wear that big fascinator you’ll only end up feeling awkward the entire time. Stick to your refined style and don’t feel forced to do or wear anything that doesn’t make you happy.

Take care of your skin and nails

Soft hair and neat, manicured nails are an instant confidence boost for pretty much anyone. Schedule a trip to the salon where professionals can pamper you and you’re bound to look amazing in pretty much any outfit. It’s all about how you carry yourself, and a mani-pedi session with your favorite aesthetician is just what you need to get into the celebratory mood.

Careful with dewy makeup



Looks great in real life, and kind of awful in pictures. If you expect a lot of flash photography then more matte makeup is a much better choice, so invest in some good setting powder to keep the greasy sheen at bay.


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