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Happy weekend beauties! I feel so sorry that I didn’t post yesterday.. My plane landed at 9 pm and I was back home at 10:30 pm. I was so tired that I couldn’t wait to roll into my bed. I had such a powerful and fun day but it took all my energy. Anyway, I am back now and I’m so excited to tell my story and finally share the look from L’oréal Professional with you which is waiting for like three weeks. So sorry, shame on me..

Let’s start with the photos and an introduction of what it was about. As you know I was in Cyprus to attend 2 hair shows from L’oréal. Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to shoot the first look because after the show we had a rehearsal for the second one. Gladly, the next day we did had the time and after the show we shot these cool images. The hair look was created by the oh so talented Laetitia Guenaou. She is from Paris and such an amazing and inspiring woman! I think she made real art with my hair.

The dress I am wearing is from the Turkish Designer Elvan Duruman, who is so talented as well! Her dresses are just more than beautiful. Every single dress have something special. They’re feminine, classic, sexy and mysterious, that all at the same time. I have to admit that I felt like a princess while I was wearing this beautiful long white creation together with this beautiful golden fabric. The coolest thing was that this special fabric made my look. Look at my wrists when I am wearing it as bracelets, but it’s also in my hair which totally finished up the whole look.

That was the story of L’oréal so far. I still have an outfit post waiting for you but that one will come soon! Let’s talk about my experience in Antalya. It was the most hectic 24 hours I ever had in my life but they were also one of the most fun hours. Especially when we started the runway! The place was amazing. The catwalk where I showed three different looks was made of a forest. There were trees, grass, water, leaves, a wooden house and even the runway was made of wood. Yes it was magical. Than the clothes. In the first round I was wearing a long leopard printed dress which was so beautiful. The second was all about coats while mine was short and in petrol blue. Normally I don’t like that color but this was so great. In my last turn I was wearing a leather-look dress and for the final they added another coat, this time in a camel color.

After all it was a great experience! I am so grateful that Dosso Dossi (the name of the show) had me as one of their models. Their team was amazing and I hope to work with them many more times. For now, I wish you all a great weekend! Big kisses XX











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