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Finally the Louis Vuitton post! I have been so excited to share this very special post with you, and to be honest, I still am. Really, when seeing these photos I got such a warm feeling inside of me because oh my, what a magical evening! Prepare yourself, this is going to be a HUGE post! Let’s start from the beginning. Two weeks before the event I got an invitation from Louis Vuitton to attend their terrace at ‘La Nuit Du Zoute’. This is a yearly happening in Knokke where all the stores are open until 10 O’clock and when there are many, many things to do. Like the different fashion shows, great music and lots of Champagne, everywhere!

As Knokke was overloaded with people we stayed in Sluis, 7 kilometers away from my beloved store. While we arrived around 8:30 pm, we were both welcomed with a white Moët Champagne which was truly one of the best I ever got. While zipping from our champagne and looking around, we saw our two dear friends from Louis Vuitton again. Last time I was there (when I bought my beautiful Alma BB) they helped us so kind that it was such a pleasure to see them again. I got the opportunity from them to photograph the whole store and to see some new secret pieces that aren’t even available yet. Yes you hear that right. It was such a big honor to have seen and to have touched the first bags and jewelry by the hand of the wonderful new designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

When looking at the pictures featured these new must-haves, there are coming many feelings inside of me. One of them is chic, that Louis Vuitton will always stay for me. But the difference I see between Marc Jacobs and Nicolas Ghesquière, and what I love about the designs, is a touch of retro. I mean, look at the cutest bag ever that I had the honor with to try on. It is based on the big suitcases from LV, but this one is small and made for a night or day out. Also the color combination between red and black is beautiful, I can’t say it in other words that I really love it. Same for the beautiful jewelry they have showed me, which will be available this 15th of August. The necklace is also a little hint for how the new logo will look like. A V that turns out to be a L at the same time.. brilliant!

Besides the beautiful collection from Nicolas Ghesquière (where Knokke is the first store from the Benelux who is presenting it), there were many more treasures to find. Like the beautiful jewels, statement shoes and classic bags. When visiting this store my wish list is growing every minute, so many true gems I see. When you are ever planning to visit Knokke, make sure you step by Louis Vuitton too and meet their fantastic team!

After enjoying our time at Louis Vuitton, my mom and I went to the square where there was a great afterparty from the Audi fashion show. This was really the perfect way to end the already perfect evening. Believe me, Belgian people really know how to party! They had great music and drinks, and after a while everybody was dancing and having fun on the catwalk. No matter which age they had. Young, old, children, adults, everyone was having fun and we enjoyed our night so much!

A huge thanks again to the wonderful team of Louis Vuitton Knokke for inviting me and making me feel so special during this phenomenal evening. I can wait to visit the store again and especially for the next ‘La Nuit De Zoute’!































I was wearing:

Dress: Alice + Olivia

Cardigan: Liu Jo (I also love)

Sandals: Zara (similar)

Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Earrings: DIY (real ones here)



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