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From a white and snowy Austria to a rainy and windy Holland. Jup, when traveling you will have any type of weather. Today I received my first spring clothes but when looking back at these snow pictures I desire to go back to the mountains for some weeks or more. It has been so good. Too good. Even through we didn’t had the most beautiful weather we had such an amazing time, and besides the lack of sleep we had (waking up early to ski and sleeping late to party) I feel so refreshed. I think it is because of the mountains. They give this very special energy with this clear air. Anyone who lives in Austria nor Switzerland who knows what I mean?

I also think that photos that are made in the snow are the most beautiful ones. They look so soft and romantic, yet fresh and young. Every time I walked out our hotel doors I got this fresh feeling in my face. Having red cheeks and a red nose with some freckles is just so good right? Yes, there is something magical about snow and I think you understand me when looking at these photos. When shooting in Holland for example, I have to retouch the photos a lot because most of the time the light is horrible. But when there is snow it is totally different. You only have to cut them in the right sizes and you’re done. Mother Nature did the light for us.

So I really like these natural photos we took on a bridge in Serfaus. This was after some skiing which didn’t took so long for me because of the bad weather. You probably think I am an idiot now as it doesn’t look bad at all in these pics, but believe me, up in the mountains you didn’t see anything. Not even the difference between the slopes or the sky. Which can be fun sometime as well, but I thought shooting some content was a better option than breaking my bones haha. For the shoot, I was wearing a total Sportalm look. I really love this brand and every year they have another coat I want. And also this pants is too good to be true. Besides I love the design it feels like wearing a pajama. Seriously, can a brand be more gorgeous? Hope you like these pics we shot folks, can’t wait to hear from you!





















I was wearing:

Total look: Sportalm

Boots: Donchoo

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