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You think you might had everything, but it is still a week before Christmas, so enough time to get inspired for the last presents. This time, it is all about the lover gift guide. Because special presents to your boy- or girlfriend should miss this season, obviously!

So one of the best winter presents to go for, are cozy knits to stay warm. This lovely pink scarf with matching hat is the perfect present for your girl, while this checkered scarf is the to-go present for your boy.

A more original present to go for, is this cool wall decoration for example, or this backgammon set. But some speakers, home decorations or a lovely perfume that makes you can’t resist your lover is also a great way to go this Christmas. But above all, don’t forget to spoil each other with love and joy, because that is actually what this time of the year is about ;-).

Now the question, how are you going to surprise your lover this year? And is there anything missing on this lover gift guide? Your tips will be welcome too!

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