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Happy Make-up Monday folks! I always love to share some beauty secrets with you through these posts and that’s the same for today. As I told you earlier I was planning to do something special with the photos from a shoot I had with Chanelle a while ago. She is an incredibly talented girl and makes wonderful photos, same for now! There are three different looks we shot and I all want to share them with you. The first one is all about the perfect make-up base for a clean and good-looking skin. Therefor I used only two product and I finished it up with one more. Let’s start!

You know that I am not a huge fan of foundations. I’m kind of against them you can say so. It’s not good for your skin to wear tons of foundation because your skin needs to breath. A healthy skin starts with a clean skin so please forget about all the foundation and choose for something light. I always use a compact foundation. You only use this one for some small spots you want to cover up and underneath your eyes. Now it’s easy talking for me because I don’t have a lot of pigment in my skin (and I don’t say anything about spots because yes, I have them too), but if you have lot of pigment I can imagine that you prefer wearing a foundation. Than I should really recommend to wear a light foundation, these are most of the time described as Aqua. If you will use them your skin can still breath and you will not look like a pancake. My favorite compact foundation is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact but they have it as a foundation as well which you can find here.

As second I finish up my skin with a matt powder. This one will cover up your last spots or pigments and it will make your skin looks natural. Also, you make-up will last longer. You can see it as a topcoat actually. My favorite one is Diorskin Nude Poudre Compact. When it comes to my skin I prefer using some real good brands. Most of the time they use the best ingredients and at the end your skin will react on that too. So better use a cheaper mascara or eyeshadow and invest in some real good pieces for your skin.

At last I use some clear eyebrow gel to make this natural look complete. I will never go out without my Anastasia eyebrow gel. It’s a miracle what it will do with your eyebrows. At the first sights I thought it was so strange but after using it a few times I realized that it is really good. Your eyebrows will have the perfect shape all day long. And sinds Cara Delevingne became so hot because of her beautiful eyebrows we all want that right? ;P

I hope you liked this first post about some ‘glamour’ with make-up. Can’t wait to share the next ones with you! Wish you all a huge week dears!! XX






Photos made by Chanelle, visit her blog here

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