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From next year on, Floortjeloves will be promoting sustainability, but why wait. If you want to make useful changes, you can start right now! For example, if you are not done yet with the New Year’s Eve preperations – then allow us to give you some tips to make NYE more sustainable.

Don’t get stressed out just yet. All these tips are easy to realize and you don’t have to turn your plans completely around. You are already making a necessary change, by simply thinking about a more sustainable lifestyle.

A Sustainable Transition

Firstly, one of the most important aspects of a good NYE party is our outfit. It’s the last time of the year you can dress to impress. It goes without saying that looking like an absolute slammer should be on top of your list, so it’s a big win if you can get people to talk about your hot, yet sustainable, NYE outfit.

We are in love with these incredible outfits. Being conscious about fashion might be your first step to a better lifestyle. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world and it’s hard to realize that. But it really pays of if you buy clothes from a more honest brand.

Have a more sustainable NYE New Years Eve

Real and Awesome Changes

Then, some handy tips that takes little to no effort, yet can be of great importance to our planet.

Carpool or Don’t Drive All Together

Let’s say you and a hand full of friends attend the same party, then it’s really unnecessary to each arrive with their own car. We really don’t think we need to explain why. Definetly try to avoid driving all together. Take it from us, locals of Amsterdam, the bike will get you there too! If this is simply impossible, consider carpooling.

Eat Meat-Free

If you are planning a dinner for New Year’s Eve, consider cutting back on meat. It’s been a staple for years to eat a nice steak or have a lot of meat-options, but it isn’t necessary. You can also decide to go for full vegetarian. Sure, some attendees will have to get used to the idea, so whip up a freaking tasty meal.

Use Local Goods

You are the host of your party and you’ve decide on a meat-free main course. That’s a good start, but you can make even better. Instead of buying groceries in a wholesale, support the local entrepreneur. That’s right. Buy your goods locally from the smaller and local supplier. It tastes better, it helps the local economy and you’re probably not even paying more. A big win if you ask us.

Cut Back on Fireworks

Fireworks are awesome. They’re a big part of NYE, but you might want to cut back on it this year. Fireworks releases big amounts of sulfur in the air, which is bad for the environment. So cut back. Instead create a show with all the neighbours. It’s not only the sustainable option, it’s also a great budget option, since fireworks are also crazy expensive.

Have a more sustainable NYE New Years Eve

The Easy Changes

There are very easy changes that will benefit a sustainable NYE party. These changes are so easy that it takes little to no effort to realize them. For example:

Don’t serve in plastic: plastic cups, especially the red cups, are handy. Red cups are also cool, but they are a big source of pollution. So don’t buy them anymore. If you still have red cups around, serve them and then wash them, so they can be reused later.

Leftovers are for guests: having dinner? Good, there will always be some leftovers. Never throw these out. Give them away to the people that attended your party instead. Always be mindfull with food.

Know what to serve and what not to serve: it’s a rather stressful task to serve food and drinks at your own party, but it’s not impossible to be completely sustainable, all while still serving mouthwatering food and beverages. Just take a look at these recipes.

Have a more sustainable NYE New Years Eve

More Sustainbility?

Do you want to do more for our planet and a live a more sustainable life? We are going to help. From now on you will find an new article about sustainability on Floortjeloves everyday. You’ll find the complete overview here!

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