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With so many brushes out there, it might be hard to find the ones you really need. Let us help you! We selected 10 brushes and one sponge you need in your make-up stash. Really, more than this isn’t necessary. Discover which brushes and what for below!


Foundation: Some like to apply their foundation with their hands and some like to do it with a pencil. For a more covering effect, working with a pencil is bests. We love this foundation brush for its softness and accuracy.

Bronze: We learned to make an E-shape on both sides on our face to apply bronzer, but to apply it really everywhere for a healthy touch we like a bigger brush. This mini Kabuki brush is perfect for the job!

Contour: For contouring, we actually like two brushes. To start applying the darker color, a small angled brush works the best. Afterwards you blend it in with a flat top Kabuki brush for a natural effect.

Blush: Giving your face a healthy touch with some blush is possible in many ways. You have the liquid blush, the stick blush, but also still the powdery version which you apply with a soft top brush.

Highlight: It is time for our favorite! Like the blush, you can apply a highlighter in many different ways. If you use a powder highlighter, a large fan brush is the best option. This spread the highlighter naturally and gives you the perfect glow.


Concealer: You can apply concealer with a brush but also with a beauty blender for a more covering yet more light effect. Might found confusing but try it out to see what it works best! We are sure you are going to love the beauty blender..

Eyebrows: In case you work with powder for your eyebrows, you need a little pencil for it as well. Our favorite is the double one. An eyebrow brush on one side and a sharp pencil on the other side.

Eyeliner: For an eyeliner you have to work precisely and this small shader is the one you are looking for! Make it a little wet to create a sharp eyeliner or use it try for a more smokey effect.

Eyeshadow: Last but not least; what are the brushes you need for your eyeshadow?! There are so many but you really only need two for the job. The Cone-shaped brush is perfect to apply the color and work in your crease. For the base or a perfect blend you use the flat eyeshadow brush. That’s all!

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