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For me, being an entrepreneur is a dream coming true. From a very young age I was creating things. Whether it was making my own jewelry and drawings to sell at school, or making photos and collages about fashion all day long. When I started blogging in 2011, I finally had a place to put all my inspiration online. I actually had no idea what blogging was, but talking to ‘someone’ kinda felt good. When I got my first comments I still remember how excited I was. When I started to look into blogging more and more I knew it for sure; this was going to be my future job. So now my dream was set, time to make it come true.

But making dreams come true isn’t that simple. It means a lot of work and patience. Yes, there are always people along the way that go much faster than you, but hey, see it as a motivation to still work on your dream! One day I read a quote that said: ‘When things don’t happen right away just remember, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce – and 13 hours to build a Toyota’. From that moment on I knew I rather was a Rolls-Royce.

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So time to focus on my dream! What helped for me was writing everything down, like making a spiderweb you do at primary school. From all the things I need and needed to do that eventually ended up in my goal; being a full time blogger. When you write everything down, you can also see your personal growth. Keep your old content to see how you improve and safe all your documents and administration to see how you grow financial. This not only helps you motivate, but also helps your dream grow. Because what if you are at your goal? You need to make new ones, right? We need to keep on dreaming.

floortjeloves, dreams, making dreams come true, ferratum, business talk floortjeloves, dreams, making dreams come true, ferratum, business talk

About my personal growth; I really started from the bottom. I learned so much along the way. I started with making my collages from magazines and learned I could do the same on my computer. Later, I started my self-made (unprofessional) blogspot website in 2011 to share these collages, switched to a WordPress blog made by a company in 2014 to share my photos more and ended up with a total new website in magazine style in 2017. Dreams grow and change to develop yourself and get better in anything you do. Look at me. From creating alone in my room to sharing content with 40,000 unique visitors and counting every month. That is what dreams do, they make you grow.


Happily for you we live in the 21st century and there are a lot of ways to start making your dream come true as soon as possible. We grow up with the internet and know everything about marketing, SEO and social media. And if we don’t, we just Google it. If you want to make your dream come true, you need 5 things: The idea, Pen and Paper, Time and Money. The last two can be difficult because you may have a fulltime job and fixed charges, or are still studying so you don’t have time to really work.

Then it is time to google and learn more about loaning money from a company that offers interesting loans. One of them is Ferratum, this is where you can start your own small loan with a small interest rate. In this case you are safe to make your dream come true faster than in any other way.

floortjeloves, dreams, making dreams come true, ferratum, business talk

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