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These photos are from our last destination: Langkawi. It was like a paradise  so beautiful! I think it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The beach was white with some palm trees on it and the sea was really big with lots of islands. Also the hotel was beautiful. It was in an Asian style with white walls and a huge red/orange colored curly roof.  We had great weather, except the day when we went fishing on the sea. But, despite Mother Nature’s force, my father caught two huge Barracuda’s. One of them we had for dinner and it taste delicious! The last two days it was really warm and sunny so we decided to stay in. This was the perfect time to recover from the busy life we left behind in Holland. Shool, exams, work- uh oh. It was great to relax and we enjoyed every second. The hotel, the beach, the sea and the sun, everything was so beautiful and perfect! But on our fifth day we had to leave and head back to the reality. And this was also the end of our amazing holiday. Hope you enjoyed the photos of our journey!
I was wearing:
H&M bikini
Malaysian long skirt
Dior and Ray-ban sunglasses

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