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Hello from Penang! Finally we arrived at the beach on Saturday, we can relax from now on! But we also did some nice things like parasailing. Have you ever been Parasailing? It’s with a parachute behind a boat. I was with my mom and we were a bit scared about the height but when we were in the air (about 50 meters high) we had nothing to be afraid about and could enjoy the beautiful view we had. After 4 minutes I was back on the ground and the boat was waiting for my brother’s and father’s turn. We also went with a boat for fishing and had a barbecue on monkey beach. It was very funny to had lunch among the monkeys. They jumped all over the place. When we came back at the hotel we went to the swimming pool and relaxed some more. 
Before we knew it was New Year’s Eve and the hotel organized a big party on the beach for the guests. The theme was the 70’s so we danced a lot of old disco music. The people came from all over the world and they were all so friendly. When it was midnight we wished everyone a happy new year. Unfortunately there was no firework so we went back to the hotel room about 2 pm. The next day we went to Langkawi, our last destination. I’ll show you the photos in my next post! 
Happy weekend! XO
I was wearing:
Malaysian red dress
Marccain white shirt (with the glasses)
JoshV peplum top
Zara fringe skirt
H&M neon pumps

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