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After talking about it for weeks now, it is finally here. Christmas hit the earth like firework! The streets are filled with twinkling lights, the Christmas trees are build up in every home and the tables are overloaded with good food. But most importantly, around that Christmas decorated table, there are sitting people that you love more than anything in this whole wide world! People that you couldn’t live without and who are always there for you. In times of need or in times of fun and laughter. People that love you no matter what. People that makes you shine from the inside. And all you have to do is to give this precious love back. To let them know how important they are for you and that there wouldn’t be a world without them having around you.

Christmas is all about this kind of indestructible love. About showing it that little bit more and about forgiving the mistakes you made. Because we are all humans. We fight, but we love even more. In this special Christmas post I want to give you all a special little message from me. Something that comes from the bottom of my heart. Because, if it was possible, I would join all of you during Christmas. All the love you give me through the year is something I can’t even imagine. All your sweet words you gave me during 2014 and further back, I will never forget! You guys are more than support, I do really love you. Through the blog it almost feels like I know you (which might sound so strange, but I hope you understand me). My sweet loves, Thank you all so much for this amazing year and making me feel so special every year again. I couldn’t live this dream without you and I am more than thankful for that!

And besides my appreciation, I also want to wish you all a super fantastic happy and merry Christmas with all the love in the world! Let it be magical with all your beloved ones around you. Let it be about a new start, new goals, a healthy life and of course about much love. Make sure to make this Christmas special, no matter where you are or how you celebrate it. At the end we are all the same right? Good spirits in a beautiful human body, sharing love and get it back.

I can talk for hours like this but I wouldn’t make it much longer as you all are waiting to eat the food and unpack all your presents. I hope you’re going to have a beautiful time and enjoy Christmas at the fullest! At last I want to thank ‘t Paviljoen Hotel in Rhenen for giving us the opportunity to shoot this Christmas special and video in their lovely dinner room. I think it connects perfectly with the Christmas feeling of today, so I hope you like it too!

Many many hugs and kisses to all of you from the Floortjeloves-team!! XOXO

PS. As we’re celebrating Christmas the whole week and weekend, I will have a few days off from the blog to enjoy some time with my family. See you soon!

















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