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It is the first Make-Up Monday of the year so let’s do something special! Today I have a shoot for you which I was planning to make for already such a long time, but I actually can make it since a few weeks now. Two years back, when we were on holiday in Malaysia, I saw this beautiful Miss Dior fragrance Blooming Bouquet. I love Miss Dior from the first time I tried it and I’m wearing it ever since. But this one was different. It had a different name, different ingredients and it even was in a special package with a purse spray. I didn’t bought it there because I thought I already had too many perfumes at home, but I was blaming myself ever since because it was the only place I could buy it..

After another year passed by when this fragrance finally came into Europe as well. Unfortunately without the purse spray.. You know that in May I went to Istanbul for modeling work and there I saw it again, exactly how I wanted it. I promised myself to buy it when I was going home and had enough money to get it. Stupid promise because after the first time saw it I didn’t see it anymore. Now I was getting over it so I was planning to buy just the Blooming Bouquet fragrance without the purse spray and the special box, because I couldn’t get it that way.

But then! My father went to Korea for business in November and he promised me to look for the perfume with purse spray at the airport, and yes there it was! I was so so happy that after two years I finally got my fragrance and in a special way too. So underneath the Christmas this year, there was this flower explosion waiting for me. Now it is two weeks later and I am literally wearing it ever since. The smell is just so pure, classy and romantic. It is definitely the best perfume I could add to my (Dior) collection!

The fun thing about this story is, is that my brother had totally the same. It wasn’t about a Miss Dior fragrance for him of course, but about one from Maserati. After two years I finally found a site where I could buy it for his birthday and he was also more than happy with it. For me fragrances are very personal, I don’t like it when someone else is wearing the same because it is just a little bit of me. Normally I also don’t want to receive any, unless that person really knows what I want, like this time. What is your favorite perfume and have you ever tried Miss Dior? I hope you like the images we shot for this post and also the ‘special’ story behind it, because every perfume has a story. It is just how you define it.





















I was wearing:

Fragrance: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Top: Asos

Culotte: Asos

Flats: Valentino

Necklace: DIY (inspired by Shourouk)

Earrings: DIY (real ones here)

Lipstick: Guerlain Rouge Jewel No. 60

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