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A new season not only means new clothes, it also means a little change in your usual make-up routine. Or an upgrade, however you want to call it. During summer I always use other products than in winter. Especially when talking about colored nails and lips, eyeshadows and even my teint. As you know, I never use foundation as I am not really liking it. Give me my compact foundation from Chanel and I am a happy kid. Well I have to say, things changed since I discovered some of my new favorites. Read along to get to know them!


Like I said, I am not a foundation user. It just feels unnatural and I think it doesn’t make us woman look prettier. But besides my usual compact foundation for underneath my eyes and the little spots, I just discovered a BB cream. I have to say, I am totally obsessed. This products is already on the market for a while, so I think I am a little late with discovering this fantastic tinted day cream. Currently I am using the BB Creme from Dior Hydra Life and I love the healthy glow it gives my skin. Definitely a yay to this newbie in my beauty routine!



I am always in search for the perfect eyeshadow palette. I seriously own a hundred of them but I actually never use them.. Such a shame because it can really give this nice little add to your look. During summer I like to wear a little bright blue on my eyes but now, when winter is coming, my make-up gets darker. While in New York last September I bought this super easy and small eyeshadow palette from Smashbox. It’s not bigger than your creditcard so perfect to take with you while traveling or on the go. Plus, I love those brown, nude and golden tones!



This is actually the first product I own from Bobby Brown and I don’t know why it took me so long. I am in love! My daily make-up is always quite natural, with a lot of highlights. I not only love them on my cheeks or underneath my eyebrows, I also really like to give my eyes a little golden touch to make them look bigger and more fresh (the perfect solution after lack of sleep!). Therefor, I use this longwear cream shadow stick in color 24. Have to say, this is going to be my new favorite make-up item all year long.



Lipstick!! When the days are getting colder and darker, I do like to play with some dark colors on my lips as well. Last weekend I treated myself on this new matte one from the Diorific line. It was not only the color which made me smile, cause look at the packaging! Isn’t it the prettiest lipstick you have ever seen? Definitely one of my new make-up favs without a doubt.



While it is summer I do like to wear bright colors such as hot pink, baby blue or nude. For fall and winter it is going to change. They are getting more edgy, more daring and definitely sexier. Think about fuchsia red, dark purple or jade green. My personal favorite nail polish are the ones from Yves Saint Laurent. Not only because the beautiful colors, but I really think they have the best quality. You can use them for years, they dry super fast (thank god!) and the brush is a little wider which makes it super easy to polish. So another yay to YSL!

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